Scene 2 - Dimos the New Boss

By around 3pm, about a mile ahead in the distance, six horsemen were seen approaching. The reflection of sun off their armour gave them away.

In planning for a potential encounter, Draiq suggested there might be some benefit in letting him use Bloodsire, but Tatalon refused. Kale’k said he himself only used it out of necessity and that it severely weakened him due to his goodness vs its evil. Kale’k noted it can communicate telepathically, and that it gains power when it has essential invested in it and when it drinks the blood of its foes. Kale’k further noted it emits red light and tries to influence the wielder.

When Draiq suggested he could resist mental influences, Kale’k referred to the instance where a Brain in a Jar dominated Draiq making him nearly cut Kale’k in half. Draiq said he would think long on the issue of whether or not to put the sword to use.

Addie, Draiq, Kale’k and Tatalon ventured forth to meet them, Addie the only visible one. They caught sight first, identifying them as five Red Eagle Knights and one Sol Knight – the former Parhelion Draconis, Dimos Dragonheart.

Dimos saw Addie, as Kale’k flanked to the left (over water) and Draiq to the right. They got the impression that he somehow could see them all and he waved them over.

He recognized them as novices, and the first survivors from the Sol monastery he had found. Kale’k told him there were others: Ragnar, Natt and Benet.

Tatalon tried to sense motive, but it was very difficult to sense motive on kights in armour with helmets down. Nobody was clear on intentions.

“I sense bloodsire has been freed. It is good news that it was not left in the hands of the enemy. I take it you have completed the trial?”

The novices confirmed they had.

“You should all be very proud. Which blessings did you attain?”

Addie: “Just the standard three…”
Kale’k: admitted to six
Draiq: says “blade, power and dodge” (bluff of 42)
Tatalon: admitted to four

His face darkened as Kale’k and Tatalon admitted to breaking the rules. He believed Addie and Draiq, but demanded an explanation from Kale’k and Tatalon.

Kale’k and Tatalon told him the situation had become dire and they thought they were the last remaining Sol Knights. The Desolate and White-eye were running riot. Kale’k mentioned saving Ragnar. Tatalon reported the dying elementals with 31 for diplomacy.

Dimos told the knights to pause here while he thought on this.

Dimos led Ragnar away and ripped into him, gesturing harshly and telling him he had failed: “You have lost half our potential Sol Knights from the latest group of novices at a time when we were suddenly faced with extinction." Dimos then unpacked writing equipment and small table and begins writing a letter.

The novices spoke to Ragnar. Ragnar admitted that those who broke the rules cannot become Sol Knights. He noted the golden sun symbol on Dimos’ forehead. Novices know from their studies that this is the mark of the Grand Master. The spirits of the four heroes are said to visit each new Grand Master upon succession and mark them with this symbol.

Kalek approached Dimos, and Dimos said: “Speak!”
“I believe you have made a decision that some of us are not fit to be Sol Knights because we broke some rules.”
“That was your decision.”

Kale’k made the case that the Trial was non-existent at the time, as everything was in chaos, and everyone was dead. Their mission became getting out and re-establishing the Sol Knights.

“If you wish to judge us by paperwork, we must prevent you by any means necessary.”

Addie stepped in and emphasized the extreme extenuating circumstances. Kale’k said Ragnar lost Sol Knights, but overall they gained two (raising nat and Ragnar). Kale’k said he would not tolerate this dishonour.

In spite of Kale’k’s belligerence, Addie broke the DC35 diplo by getting 36.

Dimos screwed up the letter he was writing, sat back and thought.

“I am on an urgent mission right now, but I will think about what you’ve told me and return to meet you in Doran when I am finished. I will take Ragnar, the swordsman and the warmage. You other four, I order you go to Doran and assist the King’s army in any way you can.”

“What is happening there?”

“The town was not under threat when I left but, as you said, you are highly trained warriors who should be put to good use, and you will be put to good use there. I will write a letter to the commanding officer. You shall serve them until I return.”

Tatalon then asked about the sword and had a private conversation with Dimos about it. Kalek listened in.

Dimos wrote a new letter and gave it to Tatalon with instructions to give it to the senior officer in Doran. “Serve him well in the name of the king”

He headed northwards with the five knights, and Ragnar, Natt and Benet. Kalek reiterated to Tatalon – he saved Ragnar and the sword – Dimos had no right to kick them out of the Sol Knights.

They found his previous note – to enlist the “failures” as permanent members of the king’s army.

Scene 2 - Dimos the New Boss

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