Scene 1 - Incarnum Wraith Attack

Having escaped the Trial of Ages, the novices and Ragnar Sunhelm now stood on the edge of the newly formed lake, where a few hundred creatures were camped and had embarked by ship a matter of hours ago.

While Ragnar, Natt and Benet were scouting northwards, eight midnight blue wraith-like creatures, with the visages of those slain at the festival, erupted from the fog bank over the lake.

Two charged at Addie with dark blue incorporeal claws, both missing. Kale’k was swarmed by them but shrugged off their hits with his draconic aura. Tatalon was attacked by a trio, and hit by one.

Addie hit one, imposing a -5 to AC. Tatalon then called upon the power of Sol, vaporizing three of them. Kale’k struck one down.

The wraiths made attacks against each of them, missing entirely.

Tatalon vaporized a further two, then Draiq returned from scouting and engaged in battle. In a combined effort, the remaining incarnum wraiths were destroyed.

When Ragnar and Benet returned, the group considered their next actions. Swearing the novices in as Sol Knights required a ceremony which must be conducted on hallowed ground – and there was none here. The closest town, Doran, had a temple of Sol (and one of Espero).

After resting for eight hours, as the road was on the other side of the river, they headed downriver cross-country until they could find a crossing point.

Kale’k tried to forage, only to find the vegetation of the area was shrivelled and scorched and there was no animal life to be found.

They hustled south for two hours, Tatalon avoiding the issue of fatigue by flying in steps.


Scene 1 - Incarnum Wraith Attack

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