Session 2

Cast List
Ragnar Sunhelm
and Thurffe who was totally there too.

Scene 1 – Ghat Attack
Addie, Draiq, Kalek, Tatalon and Azhelm (and Thurffe) came under attack from a pair of ghats (goblinoids) on giant spiders. Whilst this attack was happening, a ghat cleric and eight ghat archers intended to strike at them from afar, beginning with volleys of arrows from some 300ft away.

By great good fortune, as this attack from a distance was taking place, Ragnar, Benett and Natt caught sight of the cleric and eight ghat archers at reasonably short range and were able to intercede.

The ghats were taken out in short order with a mild dose of strength poisoning to Draiq. The ghat cleric was killed before he could even finish his summon spell.

Note that Thurffe the half-orc was totally there the entire time and I totally didn’t forget about him (for the whole session). He did not do anything interesting and that is the main reason you can’t remember him from session 2. But I forgive you for not remembering.

Scene 2 – But… we have a Quest
After the battle, Ragnar delivered a scolding and insisted that Spring Break was over and they must return to the monastery. Some fast talking on the part of Addie got him to change his mind, allowing them to continue their quest on the condition that he accompany them. Further persuasion (including an appeal to be allowed to prove themselves) resulted in Ragnar allowing the six novices to attempt to complete the quest whilst he coordinated with other full Sol Knights to address the threat to Largos.

Thurffe did not contribute to this conversation. But he was there.

Scene 3 – The Buried Treasure
A few kids were arguing over something and a tussle was taking place. They were dragged to the nearby farmhouse for a scolding by their folks. The argument was apparently over their collective “buried treasure", which they couldn’t find anymore. The base of a nearby landmark (a grassy hill) was where they buried it.

The spot where they claimed they had buried it was overgrown with grass – clearly nobody had dug there in a long time. Tatalon detected magic coming from within the mound.

Scaling the mound revealed an overgrown stone block covering an opening. This was levered off with significant effort and at the expense of the farmer’s shovel.

Thurffe’s many insightful suggestions went completely unnoticed.

Scene 4 – In the Hole
Benett threw an enlightened stone down the stairs, illuminating 12 human-sized zombies and a single large zombie, which looked like it used to be a trollish type creature. Tatalon’s undead turning ability became extremely useful in defeating these enemies.

A 10 × 10 stone slab was buried under dust and had mushrooms growing out of it. Upon examination after the fight, this appeared to be graven with a map of Garethlion, but one which was at least 50 years out of date.

A door with runes burnt into it was stuck shut. Translated magically, the runes read “Demanse of Kresh, the Seeing Eyeless”.

Thurffe said not to go in there, but nobody listened.

Scene 5 – Kresh the Seeing Eyeless
The door leads to the portal chamber where two torches burned with a cold blue flame. In front of a wrought iron arch sat a levitating Brain in a Jar (Libris Mortis p90), flanked by two Dessicators (Libris Mortis p94). Piles of dirt and bones litter the floor.

As combat was joined, the brain (Kresh) possessed Draiq, who promptly impaled Kalek. Addie resisted the psychic suggestions and together the party overcame all three enemies. As it was defeated, Kresh’s dying words were “The Dragon of Darkness will make you as dust, Sol Knights!”.

A search revealed two Black Dragon Amulets, a Ring of Protection +2 (taken by Benett) and a plus 6 flaming keen greatsword which Thurffe took.

Scene 6 – Largos
On the way to Largos, Thurffe lost the greatsword. Just put it down while answering a call of nature and then the party reached Largos and he was all like, “Oh, man!” with a headsmack.

Upon reaching Largos, a town crier was announcing that Baron Paysen’s daughter, the lady Verina, had gone missing. Further inquiry in the town’s one and only tavern indicated suspicion had fallen on a noble who had been spending time with her of late – Lord Lorenz (all these names were made up after the session).

The party gained audience with the baron and warned him of the impending attack. He brought in a wizard of the Order of the Northward Eye (adepts at scrying), who detected orcish agents within the walls, as calls of “fire!” rang around the city.

The majority of the town militia began mobilizing the populace to put out the fires, while the party and twenty guards went to the island to prepare for battle.

Thurffe went to help put out fires. It was pretty hard because he had to do it with a hand sorta half in front of his face hoping nobody would notice he was a half orc.

Scene 7 – Crushing the Rebellion
Three rafts were sighted coming down the river, using the current and orcs with long poles to reach an impressive speed. Addie ran to retrieve the remaining guards while the rest of the party began to assail them with arrows. By the time they neared the island, most of the polers were dead and the rafts were out of control. This made for a bad landing, completely different from the plan. This coupled with the return of the militia with Addie spelled doom for the orc force.

White-Eye himself proved to be a punishing enemy. Benett took a chance by running up close and torching White-eye with burning hands. Unfortunately, this didn’t fell him and he very badly injured Benett in retaliation.

Session 2

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