Session 1


Cast List:
Kalek the Ranger
Addie the Rogue
Draiq the Duskblade
Tatalon the Cleric

Act 1: Antares

The PCs were novices at the Sol Monastery on a kind of “Spring Break” prior to their final exam for becoming fully fledged Sol Knights. This exam is known as the Trial of Ages. A Sol Knight by the name of Ragnar Sunhelm bade them farewell at the gates of Antares, with the parting words: “Stay out of trouble”.

At the Sign of the Dragon’s Demise
I don’t remember what I called the Inn in-game, so decided to call it the “Dragon’s Demise,” shortened by the locals to “the Dragon.” The PCs stayed at the inn and began misbehaving.

Addie and the Local Youth
Addie chatted up a boy but that didn’t work out. Did he get intimidated by someone?

Draiq and the Other Local Youth
Disappeared upstairs with a local girl to use their communal room for his own lewd purposes, before Tatalon pulled a prank to spoil Draiq’s fun.

Tatalon visited the stable with another local girl to mess around, bribing the orc slave stableman to turn a blind eye.

Noticed a man with grey in his hair watching them. Eventually he wandered over and begun a conversation. This man turned out to be Azhelm the retired mercenary captain.

The Barman
Spoke about the blacksmith across the road who changed his ways overnight, becoming cold and unfriendly, even hostile, to those he used to share an ale with. Since he changed, his wife has taken their kids and travelled south to live with her sister.

Azhelm the Retired Mercenary Captain
“Have I got a plot hook for you?”
Azhelm proposed they join to chase the 10,000gp reward for capturing the orc insurgent White-Eye.
He also suggested he could teach the youngsters lessons of warfare they would never learn at the Sol Monastery.
I do believe a sense motive check indicated he was holding something back, but did not lie as such.

Act 2: The Hamlet of Dengbury

I don’t believe I named this Hamlet in session.
There was a half-orc at a smithy, offering trade in return for donations. The PCs gave stolen corn in return for arrowheads. We shall this half-orc Thurffe.
Things were a bit… off… in town. People were generally unfriendly.
At the Inn, their room had a lock on the outside, rather than the inside.
The PCs tied a rope from the door handle to the sentry.
During the night someone summoned an imp inside the room, it turned invisible, terrorizing the PCs before they injured it (I believe it was a greatsword to the face?) and it flew out the window.
The PCs killed a Cultist dude at their door before evacuating the inn. The cultist had an octagonal amulet with a black dragon skull embossed on it (Black Dragon Amulet). There was not a soul about, and their horses were gone.
A little ways down the road, they saw a light off to the right. Atop a low hill, most of the horses were tethered to trees. Stairs descended into the hill, where cultists (presumably the population of the village) had gathered and had sacrificed one of the horses in a gruesome ritual.
The PCs woke up Thurffe and used his barrel of oil to incinerate the evil temple. Upon later inspection, there were no corpses, but there was a Wrought Iron Arch with two octagonal cavities – just about the right size for a certain amulet.
The characters continued on to the town of Senecar.

Act 3: The Rest of the Journey

After being persuasive with a town guard, the group gained audience with the mayor and were well fed.

A Farm
The PCs happen upon a miscellaneous farmer, who lost a large amount of grain and cattle overnight. He is berating his orc slaves, claiming they have somehow stolen them. The PCs tracked his cattle to a low hill with an old shed on top. Within the shed, a stair led down to a similar setup to the evil temple, complete with Wrought Iron Arch.

A Fight with a Giant Spider
The PCs discovered a cart run off the road, full of sacks of grain. Following tracks into a copse of trees, the PCs were attacked by a Giant Spider with a small green-skinned humanoid (a Ghat) mounted on its back.
The corpse of the wagon driver was found cocooned, along with a letter to his wife. Upon arriving at Tononir, the corpse and cargo was returned to the man’s wife.

The inhabitants were generally unfriendly compared to Senecar.
At the pub, a guy was telling of how a Dragon stole one of his sheep.
The brewer was arguing with the barman over the price of ale. Lately the market is glut with a cheap imported ale, “Black Dragon Ale”.
There is a rumour that White-Eye is attempting to start another Orc Rebellion, and it may be worse than the Orc War some 20 years ago.

Laying in Ambush
The PCs managed to spot the scout of a group of orcs, took him out and laid an ambush.
They took out the orcs and discovered a parchment with a battle plan for raiding Largos.

Session 1

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