Personal Sword of the Skull Baron (of the Desolate)

weapon (melee)

This black short sword is virtually a minor artefact. It is a + 5 Ghost Touch short sword, which may have essentia invested in it.

For each point of essentia invested, it deals 1 point of Con and 1 point of Wis damage on a successful hit. This is not multiplied on a critical.

The sword is said to have other powers, but these shall remain a mystery…


The sword was taken from the Skull Baron by Hartlok the Savage after he slew him. He used it against Elvisra Scytheye when she had so ensorcelled herself against the powers of good that a holy weapon was of little use. The price Hartlok paid in wielding it is unknown.

It is said the sword is kept in hartlok’s tomb, sealed in a prison of magical ice which it is said only dragonfire can melt.


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